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How do you define mother, mum? I don't know. I was never close to my mother or didn't know her. She was just and image of a person in my life or a neighbour. For as long as I remember as a little girl, my mum was busy working out and at home. Weekends came and went like weather. I went to school with bags, books, uniform, and fees but no one at home asked how my day went by. I did all exams with good grade and no one knew when my exam was over. My mother went on parents day to school to get my report and i waited eargely in the afternoon for her comments which was never done.

Why to me? Was I not her own daughter or was I invisible for everyone. Finishing high school, I wanted to study further but my mother was more concerned for my marriage. I starting looking for work which was difficult to find. The work that I did was temporary. Until, I met this guy in my life whom my mother despised. I tried hard to convince that he was the right one for me but I was sent to my sister's place away from this guy. My mother told me that nobody at home liked me with that guy. My mother said that I was disgrace to her and my family.

Until I met Jesus in my life where I found the true meaning of life. I prayed to GOD to make me the best daughter in all the children my mother had. GOd gave me the best work with good pay. I was the only one in my house with good pay. It was mother's day where I gifted my mum with a vase where she said,"I have received a food processor from my son and look at you wasting money on such stupid things." I cried a lot.

From that day I was hardly at home as I spent my time at work. I came late from work as I felt that this was the best place for me. Until I met a guy from the grace of Jesus and got married. I thought that now I will be visible in front of my mother but NO.

My mother hardly came to see me and I was the one who went to meet her. But did she really meet me. She was busy with her sons and daughter in laws and friends. She went to meet other relatives and friends but not me. I always waited that my mother will come and see me in the weekends but the answer was same.

After a year of my marriage, I got pregnant and needed my mother the most. I used to cry and cry until the day I gave birth. My mother just came to visit me in the hospital once and than at my home 4 times. Few days later I hoped that my mother will take me home to look after me and my child which was never done. the only reason she gave was that she is busy looking after my father who was sick at home.

It was my daughter's birthday but as usual my mother was too busy to come where I told her that she does not like me. I aksed me why she doing this to me. But no reply. Even on my birthday which she never remembered in her life. My husband celebrated my birthday with my inlaws and my mother didn't was to come. So my husband after talikng for a while and me fighting with her turned on my birthday but left early before I could talk to her properly.

Whenever, I used to go and meet my mum she was too busy in her work and never came and sat with me. I used to walk behind her and finally tired came home.

My father died one day and the only person that day my mother had was me. I did almost everything for the funeral preparation which went unnoticed. The credits went to her sons. So I hardly went to see my mother by now I was used to the way she treated me. One day my younger brother lied to my mother and the only person she called was me. I went late night and talked to my brother and settled the matter.

My brother aplied to go to Canada which hereceived reply and my mother called me to help with the process. I again helped her and after that did not receive any calls from her. The application was taking time which my mother blamed me that I might have done something wrong. I got depressed.

Finally, I made changes to myself. I stopped talking to my mother and looking back for her to embrace me in her arms. It was difficult but I did it. i don't blame my mother for being like this to me. Maybe it was my fault.

I don't know maybe the readers will disagree with my thoght towards my mother. Anyways this is me.