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ADVERTISEMENT bring you the most memorable mas-in-law in Bollywood
Mother-in-law we love to hate
They say, god could not be everywhere so he made mothers. They also say that devil could not be everywhere so he made mothers-in-law. So, on the auspicious occasion of Mother's Day when the world is telling you about the greatness of mothers, we thought of digressing a bit. Here's paying tribute and remembering the best and the cruelest mothers-in-law of Bollywood. Move over Nirupa Roy and say hello to Lalita Pawar and co!

Himani Shivpuri in Mehndi

Mehndi will probably be best remembered as one of Rani Mukerji's biggest mistakes. But for those who forgot there was Himani Shivpuri in it, too! In the movie she plays Rani's mother-in-law. She accuses Rani of being a jinx and harasses her for more dowry and taunts her for every little mistake and abuses her when there is nothing else to do (Whew! That's a lot). Mehndi may not have done anything good to Rani's career. But it taught us one very important lesson – the hand that rocks the cradle also slaps his wife.