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Brooklyn Bridge, New York
13 Most Haunted Bridges In The Country

A major bridge traversed by thousands daily in the middle of a major city seems like a weird place for a haunting, right? Well, not really. During the bridge's construction, 27 workers were killed, many falling to their deaths as they worked on the higher portions of the bridge. One worker was decapitated by a snapped cable. On the day of the bridge's opening in 1883, a panic broke out when people came under the impression that the bridge was about to collapse into the East River. The crowd surged off the bridge in a stampede, and 12 people were trampled to death. Today, people report hearing screams for help coming from the water below, only to see no one when they check. Others have reported seeing a headless ghost roaming around, possibly the worker killed by the cable.

It's pretty fascinating how humans are drawn to bridges as the sources of their legends. If you're traveling through the U.S. and have the stomach for it, we recommend checking some of these places out and seeing if you can detect some screams or crying babies. You might want to do the Seven Gates to Hell in the daylight, though.

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