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Wonders of Stones and Idol of Tirupati Astonishes

Pachcha Karpooram (Literally means Green Camphor) a soft white chemical of which a pinch is crushed by hand and added for fragrance to the kalasa theerthams as well as sweet preparations like payasam, sakkarai pongal etc., made out of jaggery is applied on the main granite idol of Lord Balaji daily. This is a mild acid which may cause itching. It is said, if this chemical is pasted on any block of granite it would result in cracks developing in the stone.

Morning Bath of Bhagwan Tirupati Balaji
But surprisingly when this is applied on the stone formations found at Tirupati they have no effect on them. Though this is applied on the idol of Lord Balaji daily, round the year till date there are no damages to the idol of Lord Balaji.