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Miracles Of the God Tirupati's Idol

In all granite stone idols of gods and goddesses one can see the chipping marks of the sculptor’s chisel on the stones. Similarly in the case of metallic casting of idols one can detect visible marks of the liquid metal having been poured for the casting of the idol at places near the holes for pouring the liquid metal.

Morning Bath of Bhagwan Tirupati Balaji
But the idol of Lord Balaji is totally devoid of such marks or blemishes. Not only that, Intricate carvings/workmanship have a smooth finish giving one a feel that it is a divine hand that has finished the idol. The various decorative ornaments carved on the idol of Lord Balaji, like the chutti on the forehead, the ear rings, the eye brows, the decorative snake formations etc. all look bright and spick and span like polished ornaments.