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My name is Jenny and I have a fourteen-year-old cat named Mittens, Mitts for short. Since the day I adopted her, Mittens has loved music.

So much so, that a funny story comes to mind. While doing my homework one day, I began to sing “When the Saints Come Marching In”.

Suddenly, Mitts hopped up on my desk and began to purr and kiss my forehead.

To this day (14 years later!), Mitts is fond of music.

I could be clear on the other side of the house, but once Mitts here’s me singing, she appears out of nowhere to shower me with kisses :) :)

As if it’s the first time she’s ever heard me sing. Granted, Mitts is getting slower in her old age, but she still does it.

I have come to realize that either she really loves my singing or, she feels badly for me!!

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