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Tonight, I went for a walk at the local community track. I was hoping I wouldn't run into anyone I knew to avoid having them snicker something like 'what, no hot date on a Saturday Night!' There were a few people walking so I didnt' feel too out of place. I thoroughly enjoy my walks as the area is surrounded by a lot of shady trees---trees that've grown up from baby plants just a few years back. Also there are always birds around either in flight or chirping around about the grounds nearby.
Tonight I was thinking among other things about Asha's poll on belief about God. I enjoy these walks because whatever's on my mind, whether it be stress from work or home, I can bring it out in the open to go through it, and usually with good results. Anyway tonight it was about God. I thought its not a separate entity at all, its energy (for a lack of better word) and we all have it, the whole of Universe, its all communicated through thought. I thought we are all capable of creating miracles (whether we do is another story) Its about how much time, effort, attention we are willing to put into create the miracle. I mean look at the top notch athletes/artists world over---do they perform anything less than miracle---the likes of Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley. People like Gandhi, Hitler (ok bad example) can move masses to bring about world of change. How else do you explain Bush winning the election not once but twice---nothing short of miracle. Anyway, I was thinking how we all are interconnected not just the people but the whole of Universe (too much Osho influence, perhaps).
Then my thoughts turned to what I miss, and I didn't realize at the moment but I'm sure the weather reminded me of this. What I missed the most is the nights of long ago in India with our cots laid out in the open, ready for the night, to sleep under the starry nights and looking up at the stars, making out shapes, while every now and then spotting and tracking an airplane, wishing on a star, listening to and telling tales of old kings and queens...As I was reminiscing about all this, Lo and Behold, I look up and what should I see but A Lone Star, a sight for sore eyes! Any other time, it would just be a star and me just one of the billions gazing but tonight, you see the sky was full of rainy clouds; in fact it rained within the hour, it was nothing short of a miracle. And the Star was confronting me to make a wish. I started to make a wish but then realized it had already come true. Had the Universe not conspire with me to gaze at this star at the exact right moment; so I asked the Star to fulfill any wish it wishes, knowing it will be a thousand fold better than anything I would choose.
To me, I need no more evidence of the power of connectedness, of thought. We may not be God, but just as a drop of water is nothing less than the ocean itself (again, probably quoting Osho badly) We, the Universe can't be much less either! :)
thats my story, and I'm sticking to it!

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