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Some of the most classic scenes in movies take place in a very private and sacred room for most of us: the bathroom. In my eyes, a bathroom immediately adds a comedic element. For some reason when a person is speaking to me from a bathroom I always tend to grin. I guess it’s just funny associating someone having a real conversation while doing their business.

On the other hand, a bathroom can provide much of a twist. For example, a fight might take place in there. Or even a very serious conversation. Those moment are heightened just by the fact that the people are amongst toilets.

In any event, I’ve found few bathroom scenes that I deemed pretty memorable. Some are funny (most are), and a few are serious. Either way, you’ll probably recognize them immediately.

By the way, if you don’t like potty humor then these scenes might not be for you.

Harold and Kumar -- Battle Sh*ts

Did I just say the Shining Scene was disturbing? Something tells me this game didn’t exactly sweep the nation after the movie came out.