Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
He leaned against the tall rock, alone;
My heart portrayed him as a lover.
The salty ocean splashed his body;
His soul I wished to re-discover.

His voice streamed to me through
The burning heat:
"Did you see the sea-loosened waves unravel?
Wish to re-claim the zeal summer gives?
Tell me please, is it not a marvel?"

Chaotic winds came, dispersed his voice:
"C'mon girl, tell me, do you want more?
We can take the long exalted walks
Through the cool sands till our feet get sore."

I was tempted...wanted to give in
To the opposing voice of the endearing ocean.
Thriving to touch his leathery skin
And rub it with the soft body lotion.

I waited for the waters to invite
Me, when I saw the color of his eyes;
Was splashed by the tapping of his feet
And just knew my dream was realized.

My pen's been purely inspired by him.
This heart his words forever embraces.
We walked for hours, drank Pepsi warm.
I kissed his foamy lips--sugar laced.

Sudden lightening after the strong sun.
No, it was not what I expected.
I was dazed by the tone of his voice
As he looked so calm and collected.

He didn't say where he was going,
Only to remember his ruby-eyes.
I stood in the rain stunned by his words
Taking new sips of pepsi on ice.

Wishing the moment would last a while,
Not so ready to severe the ties.
As the waves washed the sand toward us
We mixed sweet kisses with good-byes.