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ImageAdmit it or not, but when you fall in love social reception of your boyfriend is more than important – specially among your girlfriends. And isn't it thrilling? Imagine being next to a guy your friends go ga-ga about on the very mention. Here are ten things your girl friends notice about your boyfriend, remember these and you can surely make everyone in the circuit turn green:


Tell your boyfreind to cut down on the tall tales, bragging and other theatrics. No one is really interested in those stories. They may be true, but get real, your friends would be quite critical about him initially. They would scan him from head to toe and in a minute they would know that he is lying. It is also not a very good idea for him to turn on the charm on your friends - he may get their attention, but for all the wrong reasons.

It may come across as if he is trying to hide something about himself. He should get real and plant his feet firmly on the ground. His theatrics may have worked on you but they won't work on your friends.


What has money got to do with love, you would say...but the salary slip your boyfriend gets at the end of the month is actually quite crucial. His bank balance does matter to your gal pals. The best way of getting over this hurdle is to never let them know how much he really earns. Never spill the beans about his plans of buying that flashy car next month or brag about the apartment he just bought. He will come across as an arrogant show- off.

At the same time, he shouldn't look like a pauper, who counts on you to pay the bills. He must avoid the two extremes and maintain a balance. At the end of the day, the two of you have to manage the home finances, not your friends.


It is good to have strong opinions on certain issues. There's nothing wrong in being politically or socially aware, but when your boyfriend meets your friends, it is a good idea to tone down a bit, especially if the discussion is regarding the battle of the sexes. We agree he has a lot of grey matter, but it is not advisable to show off his intelligence. Women too like engaging in serious issuebased, intelligent discussions, but not during the first meeting. For instance: If he has already spoiled the evening with his banter against women's reservation in Parliament, he should refrain from trying to lighten the atmosphere with a sexist joke.


Your boyfriend's friends are important to your friends. Sounds confusing? Let's simplify this complicated theory a bit. Your friends would want to meet his gang of boys for a number of reasons. If they are single they would like to meet potential candidates and if they are hitched, they would want them for eye- candy. But most importantly, whether single or hitched, they would want to meet his friends to see the kind of company he keeps. So if one of his friends tag along with you, when you are out to meet your friends, make sure you get the most good- looking, well- mannered guy in his gang. You never know, if one of them falls in love with him, she’ll be indebted to you for the rest of her life.


"He reminds me know who..." Your friend might whisper this into your ear while smiling at him slyly. It may seem difficult to digest for your boyfriend, but your gal pals will compare him with your ex- lover from the moment they see him.

However, this should not bother him. There's no reason why you or your boyfriend should feel insecure about it. He didn't know the guy, so there’s no question of him trying to score over your ex. He must live in the present and be his usual self and never try to bring up the ex- subject with you. As far as your friends are concerned, they must avoid this comparison as much as possible. In fact, if they do, they should not tell you.


He should turn on the charm only when it is really necessary. Some love- gurus may have advised him to flirt with his your friends to make you jealous, but he must get over it. Jealousy may be the best policy when you are trying to get a girl. But in this case, he has already got the girl. He doesn't need to pester you further and make you jealous and uncomfortable.

Being too friendly or flirty with your friends, could mean a deathknell to your relationship. He should engage them in interesting conversations, give them good advice if they have any problems. But he must not stare at them or cling on to the hottest friend in your gang. Your gal pals would not want Mr Casanova to be your boyfriend. Girls share their deepest secrets, so you can count on them to tell them how your boyfriend stared at their assets the other day. You would have done the same thing right? So beware!


"You make me want to be a better man." Ever wondered why this line from the movie, As Good As It Gets, got so popular? The change you bring about in the person you are dating is a crucial factor in determining whether you are a good partner or not. Your friends would judge your boyfriend on the basis of the positive changes he brings about in you. If you seem to be happier and more at ease when he is with you, he may have already scored a 100 bonus points. But if you are embarrassed and angry at him for talking too much or ogling at your friends, he's in deep trouble. He should make you want to be a better woman rather than making you want to dump him.


The nose- digging, nail- biting, ogling, yelling and rudeness won't lead him anywhere - and we are not just talking about your friends here. His charm, wit and drop-dead gorgeous looks will fall flat if he doesn't check his manners. He shouldn't be rude to anyone, be it the waiter or the parking attendant. Remember: they are watching him.


Yes, he loves you and cares about you, but clinging on to you in front of your friends may look like a conjuring trick to impress your friends, making it seem as if he is trying too hard. It could even mean that he is one of those possessive freaks, who would pounce upon the guy who committed the crime of merely smiling at you.

We know he doesn’t want to let you away from his sight even for a second, but don’t you need a little space? He should seem affectionate. Throwing a few loving glances your way, during a conversation is actually romantic, but he shouldn’t treat you as his property. Your friends would definitely advise you to keep a safe distance from him.


First impressions last forever. So whenever he meets your friends, make sure he has shaved, cleaned his nose, trimmed his nails, used a deodorant and polished his shoes. The first thing women notice about a man is the way he is dressed. But this doesn't mean he must change his personality. He should be his usual self. If he wishes to dress like a rockstar, let him...but he must appear clean and healthy. If he doesn't keep the hygiene factor in mind, not only would your friends hesitate to meet him, they might even stay away from you. Girlfriends are precious, you don't want to lose them right?

Written By Anindita Dutta Choudhury
Reproduced From Mail Today. Copyright 2010. MTNPL. All rights reserved.