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Make-up to go!

From the times of Cleopatra, the quest of looking good is on. However, take a sigh of relief as we don't need to take a milk bath to look beautiful in this expensive era; good make-up, well applied, is all you need to transform your appearance.

And admit it or not, whether it's a marriage, a cocktail party, a day-out with friends or just a normal day at office, going under the makeup brush is the ultimate confidence booster. You look and feel more attractive and therefore, happier in your skin.

However, most of us, especially the working genre of women, are always running short of time. On a typical day that requires multi-tasking 24x7, dedicating a special hour to get ready for an evening party can be quite demanding. From the basket of experts, here are a few must haves that you can carry along for a quick make-over.

Irrespective of whether you want a nearly natural day makeup or a glamorized party makeup, mascara is surely a must-have for your makeup box. And even if you choose not to apply any make-up at all, mascara can give you a chic and seductive look by dramatising your eyes and highlighting the eyelashes. However, it is recommended to carry waterproof or water-resistant mascaras that do not wash off easily and are great for summer and monsoon.

Kajal pencil
Carry a kajal pencil with a smudger behind it. You can have that smoky look in no time, all you need to do is apply the kajal and smear it, just remember to keep the lash line darker. Or, you can go for the girl-next-door look by simply applying a dark layer of kohl on both lower and upper lash lines.

Blusher adds colour and depth to the skin and gives a healthy glow to colourless cheeks. If applied properly, a blusher holds the potential of transforming your complexion. Carry a blusher that goes with the rest of your makeup. Though blushers are available in both warm and cool colors, choose a soft colour with a touch of red, pink or plum, whatever is closest to your own skin tone.

Lip gloss
To keep lips protected and moisturized, forgo any pencil or lipstick and carry a lip gloss. It looks and feels fabulous, especially in summers. While selecting a lip gloss, go for juicy look and pick soft reds, corals, pinks and oranges. If you want to intensify your lip colour, carry a light-coloured, similar-toned lipstick to apply underneath the gloss. Make sure that the blusher and lip gloss are in harmony and belong to the same family of colour.