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A little work on the eyelids can completely alter your looks. You can play with the colors for the look that you want. However, our experts' advice differs on the shades of the eyeshadows. While Komal thinks one should pick bright colors like peach, lime and orange, Blossom Kochchar advises to go for light-colours.

Cleanser and Toner
It's a known fact that at the end of the day you must remove makeup, dirt, oil and other impurities from your skin. It is necessary to use a soft, creamy cleanser that wipes away every grain of dirt and toner that soothes your skin and leaves it with a soft feel and a tingling freshness.

Pick a gentle, cleansing formula that rinses away without stripping your skin of essential moisture.

Makeup removal wipes
There are situations when we are too tired or in a rush to cleanse or wash out that makeup. Be prepared for such times by keeping a pack of Makeup removal wipes in your makeup kit. They unfold to a full size to deep clean and lift away dirt and impurities while removing long-lasting makeup.

Face wash
Soaps are harsh on skin and difficult to carry in the makeup box. Carry a mild face wash gel that doesn't leave your skin dry. There is a large variety of face washes available in the market these days, pick the one that suits your skin.

There's nothing as bad as body odor. Carry a perfume or deo in your makeup box as you never know when the morning spray deceives you and you start needing it again.

(With contributions from Komal Gulati, Technical Director, Brushman (India) Limited and Blossom Kochchar, Beauty Expert)