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by Saurabh 19 May 2011, 02:09
Explosive images: Daredevil captures the volatile majesty of lava-spitting volcanoes up close
By Daily Mail Reporter

Dicing with death around fountains of 1,000C glowing lava wouldn't be everyone's idea of the perfect day.

But for daredevil photographer Skarphedinn Thrainsson, teetering around the world's deadliest volcanoes is nothing but another thrilling day at the office.

Despite being lucky not to be injured or killed by chunks of volcanic ash crashing into the ground around him, his resulting images are stunning.

Majestic Volcanoes Up Close
Fire shower: Skarphedinn Thrainsson's images taken at the lip of exploding volcanoes make for breath-taking pictures

Majestic Volcanoes Up Close
Illuminating: Lightening forks the sky as black smoke billows out of the volcano