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by Saurabh 19 May 2011, 02:10
He added: 'Eyjafjallajokull erupted in the middle of a glacier and caused a devastating ash plume volcano because it erupted deep under ice.

'I went a number of times to see that volcano - usually for sunset and sunrise as well as at night to have a good view of the lightning in the ash plume and also observe the lava.'

Thrill-seeker Mr Skarphedinn is now planning his next fiery photo trip to Hawaii and other places for more amazing photography.

But for now he says when the next volcano in Iceland erupts he'll be ready.

He said: 'I'll be prepared and ready to get back there to experience it all over again.

'I got my first quality camera in 2007 and I've been passionate with landscape and aurora photography since - now this is my new favourite.

'It is simply a must to be around the volcano shooting the scenes and I'm always working on taking the perfect photo.'

Majestic Volcanoes Up Close
Northern Lights: The Icelandic photographer manages to capture the magical Aurora Borealis over the top of a flaming volcano

Majestic Volcanoes Up Close
Spitting: A fierce volcano blows orange lava, creating a wonderful contrast with the sky

Majestic Volcanoes Up Close
Danger: A couple of photographers look ready to move if the lava gets too close to them as it spits orange lava