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After a hard day in office, the evening looked calm and beautiful. I was sitting down the garden on the swing, into my thoughts and suddenly tear fell down my cheeks. I don't know it was because of the pain within or because of the wind that blew to add to the beauty of weather.
I never realized if someone even noticed it and suddenly to my surprise a smart young fellow came towards me and said "Why is that tear out of your eyes? You don't look good with it on cheeks.

Instantly as if I knew he would ask I answered "May be that's the reason it(tear) is going away leaving me. And quickly he replied, "It's good when it is inside your eyes and I just smiled and quickly he came up with another query " Are you sad because you have no date? .

Although he felt no embarrassment in asking me that, I felt it in hearing and I just nodded, to which confidently and instantly he smiled and held his hand out. I was shocked for a moment and for another few minutes unknowingly I was admiring his looks, beautiful hair, pretty eyes, cute lips and smart physique, he seemed intelligent too and without thinking anymore I held his hand.

For sometime we walked hand in hand, talking little we walked out of the garden and reached an ice-cream parlor and suddenly he asked (with a suspicious look) "Do you like ice-creams? as if he feared I didn't like and I smiled and said " I love it to which he smiled and said he knows the owner here in the parlor and comes here regularly, then we ordered our flavor and walked back, eating, talking and giggling. We came back to the garden and he made me sit in the same swing I sat before and asked me to smile.

After I smiled he said with a cute smile " You look beautiful than before and keep wearing this smile always, I had nice time with you, hope you did too, see you. And he left without knowing HE MADE MY DAY . He was a smart young man of may be 10 yrs old