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A classy fellow and one undeniably classy car. A few years back, the rock star who brought us hits like “Layla” and “Cocaine,” brought us another huge hit. With its $5 million price tag, classic Ferrari 512 BB influence, and 458 styling cues, this custom red rocket is out of this world with undeniable class and comfort, which contrasts harmoniously with the car’s 4.5 liter ferocity.

24 Luxury Cars of Celebs That are Ridiculously Expensive
Price Tag: $5,000,000

A report by Autoblog says that Clapton has owned three 512 BB’s in his day, and was wanting something that was an homage to the beloved chassis, but with all the bells and whistles found in a modern Ferrari. With the aid of famed Ferrari design specialists Pininfarina and Ferrari’s One-Off Program, this car was built from the ground up and delivered to the eager guitarist’s hands in no time. Now if only they could have found a way to fit a V12 into the car like Clapton had originally requested…