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While the night rain is whispering, I'm coming to you. Again. In this chilly night, clouds hide every stellar objects, none is around me in this remote office quarter, save the voidness and silence of solitude. Am craving for the presence of a human being even by voice, the cell phone is in pensive mood, none to call me or to call up. In this night let us talk, let us walk hands in hands though memory, over those fallen leaves; won't you walk with me?

That day, we started journey by train, in early morning. The very day, I was Lochinvar, I was Paris who eloped with Helen, and I was Prithviraj who eloped with Samyuktha…
Where are we going?
To Kottayam, from there to Vaikom by bus, haven't I told the plan before?
When will reach back, hope nobody we knew would see us. You seemed nervous.
Will be back by 07 00 pm
Our hearts were throbbing, two souls in union on journey…

Your eyes showed anxiety, joy and various emotions. I held your hand tight. The compartment was full of passengers, like various unwanted, inauspicious thoughts in mind; you closed your eyes in fear of others, as if in the manner Ostrich hide its head on sand.

Two tickets for Vaikom, bus conductor gave the ticket with a friendly smile.
Why he is smiling at you, do you know him before?
Your anxious words couldn't hide a frightened heart.
Don't be silly; stay cool.
Tell me, Reenu
You said nothing but held my hand tight.

We reached the temple,
Pray earnestly, for the divine blessing you whispered to me.
I saw, you were praying wholeheartedly, forgetting the surroundings.

Two tickets for Kottayam
No boat service for Kottayam but Mannanam
If so, two tickets to there.

There were not much passengers in the boat, we sat together in a remote, lonely and comfortable seat. The breeze came in and started to trouble your hair, your fragrance no the scent spread around, the scent of the women… the scent of the women I'm in love filled me the ecstasy of love, it intoxicated me…The souls of Vikings, who had a passion for sailing through sea, started to trouble my fingers, it was craving to sail through you…Stay cool Vikings, it is not sea but my Reenu, I scolded them. We talked in silence, communicated through touches…
That moments, I felt conqueror of Universe…

Some river birds fled away vanished at somewhere.
Have you read White Crane, you asked
No, I have only read Sleeping Beauty by Kawabatha.
Kawabatha and Mishima have committed suicide, shall we too? Was that question out of mischief of absurdity? And I answered.
Why not, I'm ready.
You are always ready, are you run by Ever ready battery? You teased me.
Ready One, Two, Three, said you and throw your hand around my shoulder, we moved forth, that very moment my shivering lips, thirsty too touched your cheeks, back of neck…what filled inside me? Was it fragrance of love or madness of passion, till am not sure…nothing hide us from others, through unknown ways the boat continued its journey, like destiny…our passions, like Vikings wanted to sail …Where is Sea?

Viswa! Am I not your Sonya? Are you not my Raskall Nokoff?
No, I'm Rodin and you are Isadora.
Rodin's fingers ran over me and started to knead me as if I were mud, from her autobiography.
Am not Juliet
Am not Fallstaff
Prince Myshkin from Switzerland
Let us go to Africa?
Why not, are we not in Africa now?
I want to see, Zebras running on grass meadow, we have be like the non discernable lines of Zebra always. Tell me; is it black lines on white surface or white lines on black surface?
There are black and white lines on Zebra, let us go to nearby zoo to see Zebra.
Still I feel, enjoy the pain of that pinch, you gave me.

Union of dry leaf and mud piece will get vanished in heavy rain and wind like wise destiny separated us.

Reenu, please tell me some thing, are you my Sonya?