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This isn't a story. I think it comes under the category of feelings..but our feelings give foundation to stories so I suppose I'm justified in posting this here..

La Tua Cantante -
It means "your singer" and implies irresistibility and enchantment. The phrase was used to describe a woman who had become not only the object of a vampire's true love, but was also the apple of Eden to his desire for blood. I came across this in a book I read over winter. The phrase is used as the captured two (Edward and Bella) stand before the vampire counsel to be questioned. The counsel recognizes that the scent of her blood is impossible for him to resist and marvel at his strength. But love is stronger than desire. Dont you think?

Love protects and gives, where undiluted desire consumes and steals. While I believe that love without passion starves the heart, I believe that passion without love destroys it's object. I suppose every woman wants to be irresistibly desired. Every woman wants to feel that she is captivating and maddening. But she also wants to feel safe and sheltered. She wants to know that however passionately she is desired, that she is loved more. I love you so much for making me feel more loved than desired. Every girl wants a guy to call her beautiful instead of hot, kiss her tears away, look deep into her eyes and tell her he loves her.

*sigh* Unconditional and Irrevocable love...