Is there a writer in u? Or are you in a mood to read some short interesting stories? Here's the Story Section for all tastes.

There was this girl, Tia who had very lonely life. Tia had good job, money but always lonely. She was so lonely that she started to drink alcohol, smoking, clubbing to find happiness. Also Tia used to go out on dates with many guys and lie to each that he is the only one she is seeing.

At home she was alone too as Tia was never close to her family. Tia kept all things to herself and never could share with her parents, brothers and sisters.

The only thing Tia did right was to attend church on Sundays and pray everyday. She never prayed to GOD for her happiness. One of her friend Nina met a guy and told her as she to was christian and used to pray to Jeses for a guy in her life. Nina told Tia that she has prayed to Jesus for a good husband. After a while Nina got married but Tia was the same.

Tia felt shame to pray to Jesus for a guy in her life. One day she tried and prayed hard to Jesus telling GOD that she would like to get married before she turns 25 and only 9 months were away till she for her 25th birthday. In August Tia was proposed bu=y one guy in her church whom she has never thought would be ideal to be her husband. Tia had this guy in church who was so handsome but outlaw person.

Tia felt something in her heart for this guy. It was unusual feeling and she tried to call him but no. So after one week she met the guyin the church and was feeling shy and was nervous. After the church service, Tia met the guy and he was just waiting for one reply. And Tia could't hide her feeling for him too. So after a long talk, Tia finally said YES to him.

Withing one week they got engaged and three months got married. After marriage Tia realised that GOd has blessed her with a person who loves her the most and does all things to keep her happy. She felt that she has found her heart where all her life was held. This was the blessing Tia had in her life from GOD. That also made Tia close to GOd and increased her faith.

Now Tia is blessed with a wonderful daughter and lives a happy life. She never feels lonely as she has her husband with her all the time.

It is so true in life. Do we realise how much we are loved by Jesus?