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Warning: Dieting can leave you flat (and we're talking boring, not slim)
By Elizabeth Wilson

Extreme dieting is a quick way to lose a lot of weight, but you risk shedding your personality along with your flab, warns Elisabeth Wilson. You may even end up jettisoning family and friends.

Loosing Sudden Weight May End Up Losing Loved ones

The Queen of Startlingly-Rapid-Weight-Loss is ex-EastEnders star Hannah Waterman. She shrank from a comfortable size 16 to a jittery size 6 in five short months. Having reached her goal weight, she announced the end of her marriage to her husband of three years, Strictly Come Dancing contestant Ricky Groves last January.

"Hannah's not thought twice about our marriage vows," lamented the shattered Ricky. "She has only thought about weight loss. We had four sets of scales in the house - she weighed herself all the time. Her whole attitude changed - she got a new life, a new personality."

Ricky may be closer to the truth than he knows. An extreme dieter, one who sheds a lot of weight, often quickly, has a disconcerting pattern of shedding lovers, old friends and even family along with the pounds. They say it's because no one can handle them being thin and beautiful. Those left behind, like Ricky, think it's because weight loss has changed their loved one's personality. Where does the truth lie? Can weight loss lead to a whittling away of your essential character along with your waistline?