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Baah-Man in ARMY

Mr.S.K.Baah-Man was a very agressive Indian Army officer in Mathura. The remarkable thing about his English was that it was always a direct translation of its Hindi counterpart. Here are some gems from his life.

"Hit the brother in law! *Maro saale ko*!" he would shout when beating a subordinate.

"Strengthen your nose! *Naak mein dum karo*!"

After a famous battle-game, he lamented, "My honour has been mixed in mud *Izzat ko mitti me mila gaya*."
When he was very angry at a lazy soldier, he said, " Cuckoo, Blaady!" (Kick you, bloody...)

Once, when abusing an officer, he said, "Who have you blackened your face with? *Kiske saath moonh kaala kiya?*"


Baah-Man's English

Baah-Man's English was likewise famous.

"Do not smoke and spoil the botany of your body"
" Why are you naat filupping the blanks? "
" Don't talk like that in front of my back "
" Dont stand in front of my back"
"Mistake became wrong!"
" Both of u three, don't under-stand the tree "!!
"Both of you kneel down together separately"
"Why aren't you kneel downing?"


Baah-Man the Cook

Once Baah-Man was a cook at DAV Mathura college. Once he was heard saying this in a kitchen: "No, No I don't need chair; I can stand eating"
"It's so hot! Please on the fan no," he would say to the other assistants when cooking.
"Pliss, close the fan!" he would say when he wanted the fan to be turned off