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ImageStepping out to tend to the day's agenda, Lindsay Lohan was spotted waiting for valet service in Los Angeles, California on Thursday (June 10).

Currently remaining out of lock-up on $200,000 bail, the troubled "Mean Girls" star was joined by little sister Ali - with the two doing their best to elude the quickly converging paparazzi before shopping at Fred Segal.

As for her courtroom woes, Santa Monica criminal defense attorney Steve Cron told FOX Pop Tarts that he foresees jail time in LiLo's future.

With six months being the maximum sentence for Lindsay's probation violation, Cron tells, "I will be very surprised if she doesn't go to jail. I have known Judge Revel for a long time, and she isn't one to let people get away with wrong doings. It seems Lindsay doesn't care much about anything and has no perception of the real world. The judge just isn't going to accept that."

On a more positive note, Miss Lohan's "Inferno" director Matthew Wilder heaped praise on her acting skills - as he thinks that people will see her for the artist that she is once the movie's released.

"What I'm hoping now with our project is it's going to turn the ship sort of," he tells E!. "They're not going to see this whacked-out person…They're going to see the artist coming out."

Enjoy the pictures of Lindsay Lohan out in LA with Ali (June 10).