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Lifestyle changes like losing weight, reducing fat intake, eating more fibre and exercising 30 minutes a day help reduce the incidence of diabetes.

Researchers from the National Public Health Institute in Helsinki, Finland found that lifestyle changes not only reduce the odds of high-risk people developing type 2 diabetes but can also postpone the onset of the illness. An intensive lifestyle intervention lasting for a limited time can yield long-term benefits in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

About 194 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes and public health experts predict the number could reach more than 300 million by 2025. Most cases are of type 2 diabetes, which occurs due to the inability to regulate glucose (sugar) in the body. Diabetes also raises risk of heart disease, stroke, blindness and kidney damage, so preventing or delaying the illness can have huge health benefits.

The researchers compared the effects of lifestyle changes on more than 500 men and women in Finland with impaired glucose tolerance, a precursor to full-blown diabetes. Half were given intensive diet and exercise counseling while the other half acted as a control group.

During a 7-year follow up of the patients, the researches found a significant difference between the two groups. There was about a 15-20 percent reduction in diabetes risk in the intervention group. The lifestyle intervention alone, even if successful, does not necessarily prevent type 2 diabetes in all individuals, but it does postpone the onset of the disease.