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King Cobra - The Facts
Unknown Facts About King Cobra

King Cobra - The Facts
1. King Cobra is the largest venomous snakes, it can reach a length of 6 meters.

2. Despite its name, the cobra is not the case and forms a separate genus.

King Cobra - The Facts
3. King Cobra – the only snake that eats other snakes, including poisonous one.

4. At a meeting with other cobras the king cobra is measured by growth. The one that is shorter is ashamed and crawls away.

King Cobra - The Facts
5. There bite, can kill an elephant.

6. Like other snakes, they can control the dose of poison. They often bite people without any poison, they do not spend their poison on someone whom they don`t want to eat.

7. In king cobra there are Two members.

King Cobra - The Facts
8. Sexually - king cobra can mate for up to 72 hours.

9. Like most other snakes, they build their nest and care for children.

10. Female cobras are known to have an excellent memory and is able to distinguish the one who caught it from all others.

King Cobra - The Facts