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ImageShe's been experiencing a meteoric rise to fame as of late, and Kesha is keeping the hits coming at an alarming rate.

For her latest single "Your Love is My Drug," the "Tik Tok" songstress has filmed yet another killer music video that's sure to keep her fans drooling.

Kesha explained, "In my video for 'Your Love Is My Drug,' it has a lot of animals in it, so that's exciting 'cause I'm a huge animal lover and I get to actually, like, hang out and ride and perform with animals."

"I love animals — that's why my record is called Animal. People have their theories about why I called my record Animal — it's really just because I'm obsessed with animals and I feel like I am an animal and I want to bring that out in people. So this is the video where I really got to play with animals and a hot bearded guy in the desert. It's so good! Just watch it!"

Enjoy the pictures of Ke$ha performing on Saturday Night Live (April 17).