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Test Paper :7
Paper Type : Candidates Experiences
Posted By : Rohit


Hi guys..
these r some of d questions i remember in first round that is apti...It consists of 3 sections..verbal nd comprehension...maths and mental ability..and computer concepts..there is no negative marking..
the paper is for 1 hr..
1)maths nd mental ability..25 qs_
Here there r majority of qs on probability(little typical 2 understand itself)..and sums on average,time nd distance, find mean,median nd mode...and one sum on finding the number of spherical slots from a cone of given sum on to find the length of perpendicular drwan frm d greatest side of triangle 2 its opposite side(a scalene triangle is given)...
These r few qs i remember..i will soon send d remaining..

3)Computer concepts(15 qs)

1)pick the electronic database frm following
a)Online catalogue b)Electronic student record c)... d)...

2)Uploading d data means
a)transfering file into host computer b)saving on disk drive c)saving on hard disk

I will soon send d remaining..
all d best guys...