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ImageContinuing work on their ad project, Kate Winslet, Aishwarya Rai and Lin Chi-ling were all looking darling for the cameras in Rome, Italy on Thursday (July 22).

Making for the third day of production, the trio of beauties are churning out a sure to be captivation campaign for Longines.

Aside from working alongside Aishwarya and Lin, Kate has been in the headlines for her amicable post-split relations with director Sam Mendes.

Denying the the friendliness is any sign of a rekindled romance, a source tells the Daily Mail, "The relationship is not going in the direction of a reunion at all, in fact it's quite the opposite. They are trying to deal with the break-up with dignity as privately as they can. They remain committed to the children and will be spending a limited amount of time together this holiday when one is dropping the children off, and so on, but that is all."

The insider adds, "To be crystal clear, there is no reunion, and there's no chance of a reunion."

Enjoy the pictures of Aishwarya Rai, Lin Chi-ling and Kate Winslet on the set of an advert for Longines (July 22).