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Santa! Your daughter has died! Depressed, Sardar jumps from 100thfloor.
At 50th
floor he remembers I don't have a daughter! At 25th floor: I'm
unmarried! At 10th floor: I'm Banta not Santa

A sardar went to a bank to open a S.B. A/C. After seeing the Form, he
had gone to DELHI for filling up. U know why? Form says " FILL UP IN

Sardarji standing below a tube light with a open mouth.........WHY?
Because his doctor advised him "Today's dinner should be light".

Teacher: "I killed a person" convert this sentence into future tense.
Sardar: The future tense is "you will go to jail".

A dog was chasing a Sardar and the Sardar was laughing.
A bystander: why are u laughing?
Sardar: I have an Aitel phone but still Hutch network is following me.

A teacher told all students in a class to write an essay on a
cricket match. All were busy writing except one Sardarji. He wrote "DUE

Sardar was writing something very slowly.
Friend asked:" Why r u writing so slowly?
Sardar: "I'm writing to my 6 yr old son, he can't read very fast.

A man asked Sardarji, why Manmohan singh goes walking at evening
not in the morning. Sardarji replied ''Arey bhai Manmohan is PM not AM''.

Sardarji was standing in front of the mirror with his eyes closed.
His wife asked: what you are doing? He said: i'm seeing how i look while

Sardar told h! is servant: Go and water the plants.
Servant: It's already raining.
Sardar: So what take an umbrella and go.

Sardar: Why are all these people running?
Man: This is a race, the winner will get the cup.
Sardar: If only the winner will get the cup, why others are running?