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by CYRUS A.B. 09 Dec 2007, 21:43
First off all thanks piyusha for responding, i m frm Indirect taxation field, but hv lot of interest in this (Job/Package etc.) matter.
However the industry which growing is only afford the high pay to their employee ( except few exception i can give the name of tat but..), but i believe that it is the responsibility of the employer if they pay high salary then they have to get maximum output from them, rather if they provide such type of platform then output will aotomatically arise. I hv seen in may industries that many people (including under sign) left the job b-coz they r not properly utilized
Secondaly in one point i m not agree with this article that if i can get/offered more package from parket why should i continue with current package? it is the responsibility of employer that if they give me higher package then get that level's out put/productivity, condition is that im willing to fire/provide output.