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Jennifer Lopez - Self Magazine (Jan 2015)

We're calling it: 2015 is Lopez's breakthrough year. With two movies, a new TV show and a fresh outlook on life, the megastar has never felt-or looked-better.

Jennifer Lopez yells. She’s standing on top of a riser, in a warehouse turned rehearsal studio tucked deep in California’s San Fernando Valley, looking out at an audience of half a dozen people and holding a microphone in her hand. From a distance she is all hair and heels; the softness of her flowing, caramel-colored locks is a perfect foil to her spiky 6-inch gladiator stilettos, which feature no fewer than two dozen straps from toe to knee. (She usually performs in kitten heels, but today she’s test-driving these bad boys to see if she can move in them.) Otherwise dressed down in leggings and a cropped white jacket over a black sports bra, she glides down the stairs to the center of the floor, her entrance announced by her band’s drums and trumpets.

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