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Jeans the perfect fit

Jeans has always been the favourite in the fashion world. Jeans is available in different styles, cut and has become an all purpose wear. However to flaunt your figure you need to wear the pair that fits you best. You need to pick the pair of jeans that fit you perfectly and make you look amazing. Well it is not that difficult………all you have to do is try on several pair to find just the right style and fit. Also follow these guidelines.

Tall/slim figure:
Perfect jeans: Look for styles that are plain and simple with straight legs. If you want to draw attention to your long legs then go for a style with a flared leg or design along the outside length of the jean.

Avoid: Jeans with a tapered leg. This will only accentuate the size of your feet (and taller girls often have big feet) and make your legs look strange.

Long Torso:
Prefect jeans: In your body type it is very difficult to choose the perfect jeans. Ideally you should go for a pair of jeans with a defined waist that will make your bottom half look longer and leaner. Also wear a belt since it will define your body shape perfectly.

Avoid: Jeans with a long, bulky or tight crotch.