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Perfect jeans: Go for styles with a flared leg, boot cut or pattern around the ankle area.

Avoid: Jeans that are tight around the thigh area and tapered or baggy styles.

Wide Hips:
Perfect jeans: Choose a jean with a low-rise waist and a slight flare at the leg to help to balance your silhouette. Go for jeans with a bit of stretch and make sure they have large back pockets.

Avoid: Styles with really big or really small back pockets and detailing across the back.

Perfect jeans: Go for a pair with straight legs, worn on the long side, to help give you a taller silhouette. To make your legs look longer wear heels with a boot leg style, and make sure you go for dark-coloured jeans.

Avoid: If you're after a pair of jeans that will make your legs look longer, avoid styles with cuffs and Capri pants.