Unable to completely enjoy the Jokes in English? Fropky pesh karte hain, chutkule, ab aapki manpasand bhasha mein.
by badman 31 Jul 2006, 22:23
Jatt te Baah-man

Banham: tainu pata hai aaj kal loki brain wash kar dendhe nee

Jatt: achha

Baah-man : but I am luck mere naal nahi ho sakdha

Jatt: Kash main vhee lucky hundhaa

Baah-man: @@$#%^%^^

JATT: "Haan bhai kithon aa rehayan hai?"
BAAH-MAN: "Shehron"

Thguy: "Kee karan gaya si"
BAAH-MAN: "Manji leen gaya si"

JATT: "Kinne di liti"
BAAH-MAN: "500 rupees di"

JATT: "BAAH-MANA...Bund mara aaya hai na, mere naal jand tenu 250 di le ke denda"

BAAH-MAN feels sad and feels the mistake he has made so he just keep on walking towards his home and as he enters the second village he meets this another friend of his so this guy asks him the same question as the other guy and BAAH-MAN tells him where he was coming from but this time he tells him he bought the manji for 250 rupees so that guy said, "Bund mara aaya hai na, mere naal jand tenu 100 di le ke denda" and this time BAAH-MAN is really mad so keeps on walking.

As he reaches his village he meets another guy from his village and so he started to talk to him and they both have the same converstion but this time BAAH-MAN tells him that he had bought the manji for 100 and just what he didn't expect, that punjabi guy said, "Bund mara aaya hai na, mere naal janda tenu 50 di le ke denda!" Now BAAH-MAN really gets feurious and started to walk home.

As he turns into his street he meets yet another JATT from the village and he both started the converstion;

JATT: "Haan bhai kithon aa rehayan hai?"
BAAH-MAN: "Shehron"

JATT: "Kee karan gaya si"

"Bund maraan gaya si, says mad BAAH-MAN

So JATT replied, "Manji naal leke gaya si !!!!!! BAAH-MANAAH"