Here are the Jokes of your Favorite Santa and Banta. They are here on a mission to make you laugh.

Santa and his wife, Jeeto had just gone to bed for the night. Just as Santa was about to fall asleep, his wife shook him and said, "I hear someone breaking in."

At least two nights a week for twenty years Santa had gone through this. He knew that the only way he would get any rest was to go and check it out. So this time also he went out for a routine check.

When Santa entered the den he was suprised by an intruder. The man held a gun on him and continued to rob the house. As the theif was about to leave our Santa said, "You have to go and meet my wife, Jeeto."

The thief said, " Why on earth would you want me to meet your wife?"

Santa replied, "Well, she's been expecting you for 20 years."

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