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ImageToday's professionals are breaking the old stereotypical norms of formal dressing and neatly kept looks and are going their own trendy way.

This can be clearly seen as young city professionals flaunt their tattoos even when they go to their workplaces. There is a widespread presence of trendy tattoos on the bods of the young as the craze has caught up like fire in the last couple of years.

There have always been professions that gave their employees more liberty than the others like advertising and designing, modeling, acting etc. where such fashionable looks were 'in' and acceptable within the offices. But the change can now be seen in other sectors as well where management have made their rules more relaxed.

"People come in for getting a tattoo irrespective of their profession," says Jack, a tattoo artist. " Professional sectors from IT, sales, management, medical, pharma all are getting tattoos done," he adds. "The craze for tattoos has recently shot up in the last couple of years," says MD Patel, a prominent tattoo artist of Ahmedabad who has been in the profession for almost ten years now. "Before that not many people knew what a tattoo was," he adds. Are there more professionals coming in these days? He replies promptly, "Oh yes! We have mostly professionals coming in, even doctors." "I got a tattoo done almost six years back and it gives me immense pleasure everytime I see it," says Maulik Patwa, a spine surgeon. He adds, "Tattoos are perceived on the basis of what kinds you get and they can make you look bad only if you are professionally bad. But as a doctor I can't afford to have a tattoo on a visible place, my profession demands it," he reflects. The 'looks don't matter' attitude in the youngsters has definitely played its part in the increasing number. "The company should be more concerned about my work than how I look," says Yesha Patel, a business development manager. "I wish to have one every year on my birthday," she says.

And after getting a tattoo would they stand for it, if their job was at stake? "Totally, it's a sign of liberation for me and it's good to have something colourful on your body," Yesha proclaims. It will be a 'goodbye' to the company if they objected to it. But Arun Jaipuria, an executive from a pharma company says, "I wear full sleeves formal shirts, so it is not visible to the clients."

Although people are enthusiastically indulging in the current form of body art, they are aware of the boundaries they need not cross. We can wait and see how far the trend goes and how far do the professionals along with it.

By Abhimanyu Mishra

Image Source: Thinkstock photos/Getty Images