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Who's bothering to run behind such things like a broken specs or an 'always-going-wrong' electronic gadget, in this present busy life? Who wants to maintain old things, when you get something new with a little more effort, amazingly it's the new trend among the Indian population to follow the principles of "throw it away" in whatever things they feel useless or 'no more needed' in their near future. But who cares? Welcome to the Throw-Away Age!

The current "throw it away" philosophy was once seen among the elite groups in India. Now it has spread its wings to the middle class and even to the layman of our country. From a single tin can, use and throw culture may even spread to tall buildings. Consider a computer, or even a car, once gone wrong is never going to be repaired, as a new updated model stands best under all circumstances. Even cash has become ''throw-away''. The dad who gives a couple of hundred to his son knows that it will be spent in an hour. The value of money is lost here, and the child never learns the importance of hard-earned money. Even the word 'hard-earned' stands strange for him.

Do you think this is just a matter to be left alone for the sake of some one's sake? Then you are wrong, it is an important problem which the country has to face in its near future. Gone are the days of carefully kept antiques as it is not recommended to find a space and time to preserve them in such a modern busy life, whatever we say, we are living in. Just look around and that is enough for us to find the results of this modern mantra 'use and throw'. Heaps and heaps of thrown away cans and plastic wastes are lying scattered in each nook and corner. But our busy lives are living are not even allowing us to look around and to know what's happening around. Beware! You are not allowed to blame the foresaid 'busy-lives', if it is just a pretension. Think again. Are you so busy to identify what is really happening under your nose? If not, it is a fact that the business you are experiencing is just not having the same meaning again. It is the imitating nature within ourselves trying to pretend something else, which we never are. Try to overcome this, and that is the one and only solution applicable here.

As developed countries like the US grapple with the problem of garbage disposal, what is going to happen to our country with a larger population, no culture of recycling and still under development? India is heading towards a greater problem, unless the government steps in and educates the public about garbage segregation and disposal. Dumping, a word which once applied only to garbage, now describes what we do with anything that is not quite up-to-date. Maybe our daily equipments, our last year's shoes, our vehicles or even the old guys in our home are at the risk of 'Use and Throw'.