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ImageMukesh Ambani

No prizes for guessing who the highest earning CEO in India is. When it comes to earning money, Mukesh Ambani is way ahead of not only his younger brother Anil, but the top brasses of entire India Inc.

With a package of Rs 24.51 crore (Rs 245.10 million), Mukesh takes home over ten times the annual remuneration of his brother Anil -- with whom he parted ways over two years ago.

In the last fiscal ended March 2007, Mukesh Ambani took home a total Rs 24.51 crore as chairman and managing director of RIL -- which is the highest among more than 10,000 top executives and directors at about 1,200 companies that have disclosed so far their annual remuneration figures for the year.

When the brothers were together, they got a package of Rs 21.9 crore (Rs 219 million) each at Reliance Industries in the financial year 2004-05, according to information available in the company's annual report.