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by Saurabh 29 Aug 2006, 05:40
Test Paper :1
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Off Campus Recruitment

Aptitude round: 50 ques in 12 min.


last month of year

opp. of Capture

if 1$ is saving in 1 month what was average saving per day.

easy english idoms and their meaining and usage

You can easily attempt 40 around ques. in 12min.

Technical Test: 20 ques in 12 min easy ques on O.S. like * what O.S. is unix


what are Fifo and Lru

postsfix expression, when is sizeof operator calculated

ques on pointer and usage

ques on L.D. flip-flops, what are dead devices

full form of CMOS and TTL

Group Discussion

Batches of 10 each, toppics like working women, cricket ice breajer b/w indai Vs Pakistan, Is mother tounge neccasssary like that they took 6-7 out of 10

Interview of about 15-20 min with more emphasis on H.R. soimething like stress interview be firm with your not deviate he will try to confuse stisk to it even if wrong. Will judge you on confidence and attitude . Easy tech ques like Storage class in C, Dry-run , types of testing, diff. b/w C++ and Java, some ques. on Cobol,very easy small algoi like sawpping two variables (wiht ptr. or without temp. variable), calculate factorial