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Did you know that you can get badly sunburnt badly even on a chilly day when the sun is not visible? Always use a sunscreen of high SPF value for maximum protection and reapply when needed.

Here are some quick tips to try if you are already sunburnt.

1. Wrap an ice cube or frozen vegetables in a towel and dab the sunburnt area for relief. You can also try cold (plain) yogurt for soothing relief. Repeat applying it several times a day.
Do not use soap to wash.

2. Apply aloe vera. If you have an aloe vera plant in your garden then this is the right time to use it. The colourless pulp inside can help sunburns and itchiness.

3. Goodness of rosewater and glycerine would work wonders. Chaffed, chapped or cracked skin can find relief with this combination.

4. Bathe the sunburnt spots with oatmeal, corn starch or baking soda!

5. If the sunburn is in small patches, you can try wet, cold tea bags.

6. If your skin is red and inflamed, try omega 3 fatty acids. Have flaxseeds, walnuts and fish to treat sunburn.

7. Eat your tomatoes! Lycopene in tomatoes protect skin from the harmful UV rays and prevent sun burn, and even cancer. Lycopene increases when tomatoes are cooked as cooking breaks the cell walls of the tomato releasing more of lycopene. Don't bother eating fresh tomatoes if you don't like them. Enjoy your tomato soup daily!

Protect yourself from the sun but don't completely avoid the sun as the sun's rays are the primary source of Vitamin D.

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