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ImageContemporary designs

Modern door puts an emphasis on lines.

A well-done curtain can highlight your home's desirable architectural features, even as it camouflages its shortcomings.

Style without fuss

In the example shown, a fabric in a neutral tone (as close to the wall colour as possible) is used to ensure that one can keep the curtains drawn all day.

A simple textured fabric is used with blackout lining in this bedroom that also doubles as an entertainment area. The lining keeps the light out so as not to obstruct television viewing during the day.

Infuse some drama

A six-inch band of suede fabric in deep forest green adds to the effect. The suede fabric acts as a heading and makes the room look contemporary.

Why suede? Well, it looks terribly hip! The eyelet drapes keep it simple, while the chrome finish rod coordinates perfectly with the walnut and stainless steel cabinets, bed and chairs.

Often, a contrast fabric used on the heading or along the length of the drapes is the best way to create the necessary embellishment, without interfering with the modern door. The borders can be plain or with eyelets that have a sash running through it in a third colour that makes it look even funkier.

A formal look would just require a bit of appliqué on the borders with a small beaded fringe.


The colours used in the border could be an offset in a bright colour or it could be a tone-on-tone (two shades of the same color used together with out a line of a contrasting color to separate them) depending on whether you want to bring some excitement in, or create an understated elegance.

Did you notice the coordinated fabric made-to-order for the chairs? Or the floor cushions? Small details. Big effect!