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There’s a man on the street. He’s bleeding. He’s in pain. He’s crying for help.

He’s waving down vehicles, begging them to stop. Some vehicles slow down to take a look. But they don’t stop and help.

This was the case on December 16, 2012 when a Delhi girl was gang-raped and fatally wounded, her friend brutally thrashed, then left to die on the road—while the city drove right past them.

What if the event were to happen again—in the same city?

Actor Varun Pruthi decided to find this out. He covered himself with fake blood and took to a busy Delhi street begging for help.

Will you be surprised by what you’re about to see? Have a look at what happens:

Unlike most social experiments that end on a happy note, this one ends with Pruthi getting out of character and shaming everyone watching him die.

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