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Q. Inside a car there was a dead man who was shot in the head by another person. The car had its windows rolled up tight, the doors were locked, the car was not running, and there were NO bullet holes anywhere on the car. How did the suspect kill this man?

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Ans. The victim was in a convertable with the top down

Alternative answer: The suspect shot the man dead while the door was still open, then closed and locked it from the outside (for example using the key, which he/she found in the car or took away from the victim).

Or: No bullet holes doesn't mean no holes at all. Maybe the car was damaged before the incident, for example someone hit a hole in the window using a hammer. The killer shot the victim through that hole.

Or: It is not said that the man was shot by a usual gun! Maybe it was a hidden automated mechanism installed in the car and remotely activated by the murderer.

Or: The suspect was maybe stupid or intoxicated or fell asleep / in a coma for some reason and was still in the car! (He/she got in there by threatening the victim or he/she knew the victim or made the victim open the door/window by pretending to need help.)

Or: It was the suspect's car. The victim was hidden in it, because the suspect was about to get rid of the body.

Or: The wound wasn't instantly lethal. The victim got in his car and then died there.

Or: For some reason (for example car was driven in a thorn bush which then covered the doors) the killer left the car via the trunk.

Or: When the shot was fired the window was still down. The shot victim then fell with the head on the button that closed the window.

Or: The victim was killed while the door/window was still open. Another person, who was with the victim, closed door/window from the inside while waiting for the police to arrive.

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