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by Saurabh 16 Oct 2006, 23:14
Today(11.06.06) I have attended Honeywell (Madurai) aptitude at loyola college Chennai.

There was an introduction about their company and the test started
they didnt announce the results there
The pattern of questions was
totally 100*1=100
and they told that there is negative marks (0.25) for every wrong answer

The Technical questions were basically from
Data structures
Operating systems
Dbms concepts

The Aptitude questions are basic which are available at
QA books (20*1=20)
and cprograms 30 q's
and in the descriptive part

three programs were asked
1st is sorting the no in the descending order
2nd is type of hash table program
3rd i didnt remember that

(Paper Submitted By : Ganesh Ramakrishnan.B.R)