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With a lot of weddings happening after November, travel agents have their tables full. We spoke to Vinit Mehta, a Mumbai based travel manager to list down some places which newly wedded couples have booked this year for their honeymoon.


Isolated from the rest of the country, yet full of life and energy, these islands in the Laccadive sea are loved by every newly married couple. Stretched with coconut groves and basked in abundant sunshine, the islands are a postcard picture material. If this was not enough, you and your spouse can enjoy various water sports like surfing, diving etc. Make sure you visit the Kavaratti Islands, Kalpeni Islands, Minicoy Islands, Kadmat Islands, Agatti Islands and Bangaram Islands. Accommodation is available only at the Agatti Island beach resort, Bangaram Island resort and Kavaratti Island beach resort.

Image: Lakshadweep
Photographs: Wikimedia Commons