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To celebrate a grand business coup, Moskowitz and Finkelstein decided to treat themselves to dinner in a fancy restaurant which they had frequently seen from the sidewalk but within whose august doorway they had never previously dared step.
They marveled at the menu and at the many utterly strange dishes, chose those which they felt they could conceivably eat, and all things considered, had a wonderful meal.
Or they did have until just at the end, when the waiter placed a finger bowl before each.
They stared and Moskowitz said cautiously, "And what's this?"
"Not soup," said Finkelstein, after a judicious examination. "And not tea either."
Moskowitz said, "Finkelstein, call back the waiter and ask him."
Finkelstein was outraged. "What! Expose my ignorance! Make myself a laughingstock!"
Moskowitz said, "I myself would ask, but your English is better than mine. Go ahead. It is no disgrace to ask for information."
Finkelstein, not proof against the compliment to his English, but embarrassed in the extreme, signaled the waiter and said, "Pardon me, but could you tell me the purpose of these dishes --- of ---of liquid?"
The waiter said in cultured tones, "These, gentlemen, are finger bowls. You dip your fingers into the perfumed waters and then dry them on your napkins."
With that he left, and Finkelstein, turning furiously on Moskowitz, said, "See! You ask a foolish question; you get a foolish answer."