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1. Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your family against UVA (the 'ageing' rays) and UVB (the 'burning' rays) with a SPF of at least 15.
2. If you use birth control pills, you may be at a higher risk for melasma, a darkening of the skin around the forehead and mouth caused by a hormonal reaction to the sun.

Sunscreen with a SPF of 30 can prevent these reactions.
Don't use perfumes if you'll be in the sun, as they can increase your risk of sunburns or rashes. When preparing food, beware of limes as they contain chemicals that can lead to a photo-toxic reaction in the sun. Limes will cause irritation and redness of wherever it makes a contact with the skin.
(Lemons, celery and some lettuces contain smaller amounts of these chemicals, and occasionally cause a similar reaction.) The irritation typically lasts only a few days, but skin discoloration, usually brown patches, can last for several weeks.

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1. Protect sunburn-prone spots (ears, back of the neck) with a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 15. Re- apply often.
2. Don't use just any pesticide or fertiliser. Make sure it is intended for the plant you want to treat. Wear protective clothing including goggles and gloves, when applying it. Keep children and pets away until your lawn or plants have dried completely. (usually it takes about twenty-four hours, but check the label).
3. After fertilising the garden, wait at least ten days before eating anything. Store all pesticides and fertilisers in their original containers out of children's reach.

Allergies, which often retreat in adolescence, may come back with a vengeance in your thirties and forties. Talk to your doctor about allergy tests to pinpoint the worst offenders (grass, pollen, weeds, molds) for you.