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Handsome young man walking the beautiful new car .. How can we not have just returned from a mission school, which was successful on their impact on job prestige.
This young man stopped at a shop and got out of his car and was smelling of perfume and was stoked in the extreme elegance, his clothes were all Ochtsar Faris dreams may deem any girl at that moment ..
Income of a little .. During hinted toured a girl apparently saw him and several messages if emit started between some hearts .. Suddenly brought them much chance .. The great beauty beyond the limits of the kind was the other girl dreams of a boy of high morality .. Felt ashamed because the eyes of the young man had pointed to .. She smiled before Alashidaq eyes and hands before coming into contact hearts .. That the overwhelming admiration that love at first sight is the first time ..

She emerged from the store with a heart of the figure given him this young man .. I came out of the store and smile on her face has no meaning, but those dreams started Tdaabha the future Alvarez with the following ..

When she returned to the house and entered her room, her body on the bed Stlguet flying spirit in the gardens of flowers in early morning dew .. In the spring sky is full of fun and refreshing departure ..

When evening came, despite it the first time in her life in which to do such a thing .. Did not hesitate to contact the moment .. I grabbed the receiver and began pressing her fingers Almertashp figures in every touch was there in her heart tremble apply .. Lifted the receiver on the other side .. USA .. Paused for a moment, then said almost in a whisper Good evening .. As was expected?? They are can not be a slave, but the sound of that girl, who often saw in their dreams and in fact saw a one-time ..

Of happiness salute and started talking and chatting non stop without fear of being cut off those happy moments .... We say that there was in that city in the world, but the happiest of these two hearts Two ..

Days passed and was initially simple has become a great love .. Kano compatible in almost everything and were extremely Mtvahmin The uninterrupted communication, including day and night used it as it is back .. Even when he traveled on one occasion and for a simple and very saddened darkened her life .. The organism has lost her heart and her breath was stolen ..

After months of the year was about that relationship has matured .. During this time no see or see only a few times where they were Etwatn in a shop and was remote .... Neither was aware of any thing that will end this story of love .. That Eetmnian were the best that could be the days passed and the girl was speaking to the same thing will happen in the next few days .. She felt as if surprised that the young man had attended ..

This young man sat thinking of that girl, which attaches the wrong way and think of himself and that he has to serve this important natural third of the price .. And actually decided to address the way the subject is as consistent with his personality and beliefs .. Surprised his mother on the application of marriage .. The mother and cheering as she wished her son and daughter choose which of the girls wanted ..

His response was a surprise .. But the surprise is .. Of course not eaten M. .. But that girl???

He said that as a young mother felt pain in his heart and atrocity committed by .. Any girl Takhtarenha .. I will have your opinion but

In the days following non-printing is one of those girls than Disturbed saddened .. In once Asthfatth there and what God has changed .. Giebha that he was busy these days ..

At once While there is talk going on between him and his friend, who informed him of having links to those girls asked his friend why not marry that girl?? It is a good girl, you know what stands between you Mtvahmin combines real love .. Replied .. Do you think I did not think about it .. Silent for a moment and then continued to answer those which took several weeks to reach them .. how you want me to marry one has accepted to talk to me in the phone and how you want me to trust after that .. Do you want me to fix the error error .. What's wrong with a friend, including your marriage .. You will not believe me, well-defined find it finds you and loves you more than this girl ..

As the days, the young man was trying to move away from that little by little girls .. Is to get rid of his love for her .. and are unable to forget his love ..

Finally came the critical days and especially the people of Kano have found a suitable girl and had to start in preparation for the marriage and wedding ..

Issarah finally decided that the girl and sets the separation of this relationship .. The amount in such a coincidence that evening, who was waiting when the first call exactly a year ago .. Tonight is also waiting on pins and needles because they .. Communication and started talk and he was talking about how much and how they met and love and how that love does not last .. Were the words heard and Ttgera Taataudha words did not suggest including intelligence and Znth in recent days .. The tears flow on the kind and its .. They look at the candle that had been sparked in the first Valentine's Day .. She wanted to surprise her lover, the best gifts and insomnia words written by him did not forward it .. Had been .. But now dispersed Hasirp ideas so that the pulse-growing pain in her heart ..

In the meantime, knock on the door of his room brought a small box wrapped sister .. If the open and find many gifts his attention, including a small house of wax the beautiful garden, windows and doors are white moon Boalah overlooking this house (he was always similar, which overlooks the moon every night) there was a period of silence .. That girl looks at the candle has Tnasft .. It says, in itself, was killed by that feeling that perhaps what was left of that relationship as long as those candle .. The race breath and sinking was screaming inside and out to this knight in order to extend its hand ..

After a period of silence began to talk and is more severe Osamaini girl you people .. The Stzli you with the most cherished human beings and the Confirm I like you with Ohabptini .. But the separation will be inevitable destiny and I will Otdaig Taatdhaiqin .. But with days will forget ..

One can not imagine the weight of those words to heart and hit the girl was in the Alhzp all raised the deep wounds left in her heart .. .. will never Ttdaoy In the silence of a permanent and continued his speech is arrived to the reason that invited him to do so that it will soon marry (Chguet to hear this word Cehgp are reluctant to heart and will probably hesitate for years without interruption) and continued .. Believe me, this for me and you .. You also Will Taatzojin will come to you son of halal in one day??

Responded for the first time and I shouted and screamed the first time since I have known .. Why is it called authorized by us .. Why opened my heart .. Why Otalq you made me so crazy I Ashawwa year and I sleep in your name, said many things .. Of course, did not answer and can say that will soon change the telephone number there is no need for contacts between them after today .. Then I feel that finally reached a point .. He told her, Do you want something .. Asking the hot tears .. Please Samehini spoke said .. I wish you always good and I wish you a happy life and Ckrini You bet, you will one day .. Bye ..

In those moments felt severe burns, apply in her body and settle in the heart .. I tried to absorb what happened could not come to the balcony and was midnight in and slept all the people .. Felt that it had become one of the world .. On this night wanted to do many things, but other things prevented ... The next morning could not hide her heart, the same sad and wounded her family knew she was ill but her illness is not known what this one ... Has been desperately miserable for two days .. Then decided to contact him again .. Indeed contacted at that sad night ... His voice response telephone .. USA .. The voice had not changed his fiancee Iznha was initially surprised, but a strange voice, but used to hear .. The voice actually has changed because of sadness and tears .. is quiet this time and is silent .. After a closed line .. What rights do you miserable if I loved it and was leaving your Ahqth had hoped not to hear your voice ..

Days ago and has not been the telephone number .. Scheduled to marry at a luxury lounges weddings .. Is decided to attend this wedding ..

They spoke of a group of women they have witnessed an amazingly beautiful girl entered the main door .. I stood and look at the Davenports sits by the bride and groom, and the tears from her eyes are not that girl and then rushed out of the room and left the entire place .. The one who did not know that she had happy smiles when they saw the groom to his wife and invited them to reconcile God and life .. Hiniip

Also rumored that the girl had married after two and a half and saw tears come sitting on the sofa next to her bridegroom ..

We believe that enough here .. To grieve and even some girls cry
And think a thousand times before he received heart of a young girl deserve love
Haspoa to yourselves and in spirit Tervqgua
Youth mindful of Allah, girls and their Tervqgua Remember the words of God in every
All you're doing and unnecessary act of self-love and passion and selfishness