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Group Interview Tips

Group Interviews are used to see how you react in a group. An observer is there for watching to see whether you take a role of leadership or less communicative group members. If you are leading a group then the observer will be interested in seeing how good you are at delegating tasks and how much of the work you keep for yourself.

There are two types of group interviews.

1. In the first type, you will gather with other job candidates to meet with one or more interviewers. All the candidates or job seekers will be in the same room during the interview. The group interview will show the following points:
* How knowledge is used in a discussion
* Leadership qualities
* Communication with possible team mates
* How the candidate will face the public and customers
* What level of knowledge candidates have

Show your opinion but let the other candidates speak. Ignore any candidates who are too aggressive.

2. The second type is called a panel group interview or panel interview. An interviewing panel conducts panel interview. The interview panel can consist of top-level CEOs, this depends the kind of position you are applying for.

The organizations use the panel interview to see the candidate's reaction to stress. You will be asked questions from all the panel members; some times the same question by different panel members. You should always remain calm during a panel interview. Take a breath, if you see the situation getting out of hand.

Following are some group interview tips:

* When your interview is scheduled, you must know the following information:

o Time, location and approximate length of the interview.
o Names and titles of the people on the panel.
* At the interview, these people want to determine whether they like you and whether you will fit into their operation. The best way to be likable is to appear confident.
* While entering the room, shake hands with each panel member. Explain that you brought a fresh copy of your resume for everyone.
* When the first question is asked, take the opportunity to thank the panel before you answer.
* As each question is asked, begin your answer by looking at the person who asked it. Then move your head slightly and make contact with others on the panel. It is not necessary to make eye contact with each person for every question, but do not leave anyone.
* Finish your answer while looking at the person who asked the question, and remember to make your answers slightly shorter.
* When it's time to ask a question of your own, try to direct it to one person.
* At the end of interview, do not forget to shake hands again with everyone. End the interview by telling the group that you have enjoyed the interview and look forward to an opportunity to work with them.
* After the interview send at least one thank you letter, to the head of the committee. It's very good if you send thank you letter to all the panel members.