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No. 14 Louisville
20 Greenest Cities in America
The Kentucky city made an eye-catching debut on the survey this year, ranking in the top 20 for its endearingly quirky locals. Some of the city’s greenest features, too, are nicely offbeat: downtown’s ReSurfaced is a pop-up plaza of art, music and a beer garden, built on a former vacant lot with old shipping containers and bamboo. While Louisville didn’t make the top 20 this year for parks, readers may not have seen all of them: Louisville Mega Cavern—made with recycled concrete, brick, rock and dirt—features the world’s only fully underground zip line, as well as the new Underground Bike Park. Meanwhile, in the NuLu neighborhood, Harvest is farmer-owned and decorated with photos of other local farmer suppliers; Louisville made the top 10 for its burgers, and Harvest’s contributions include burgers topped with smoked chevre and hog-jowl-bacon jam.

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