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How many times have you told yourself that you can't? How many times have you put your most treasured dreams aside and sought refuge in flimsy excuses?
You deserve much better. Your dreams are yours for a very good reason and they deserve to be given life.

Yes, you do have those dreams, though you may have chosen to hide them even from yourself. And yes, you can make them real.

Stop being so busy posing for the world and take a moment to remember the things that are truly important to you. Those things point, clearly and directly, to your most valuable dreams.

Is it frivolous and selfish to follow those dreams? No, what is truly selfish would be to keep them forever hidden from life.

There is so very much you have to give by being the best of who you are. And the more of it you give, the more real fulfillment you will know.

Give life to your dreams. And give your dreams to life.